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Mountain Dining in Style at Mountaineer Casino

When you are out and about in West Virginia, whether it is a short day or a long one, you need to find a place to eat at that will not compromise on the quality of the food that you will be having. So, for some food, you need to get to a mountain top, to a mountain range, to a mountain cafe, or to a mountain restaurant. But, if you want something a little bit healthier, you can find a mountain diner that has not only a great menu but also offers a variety of options for vegetarians and vegans.

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If you are into Mountain Dining, Mountaineer Casino West Virginia should not be a surprise. They specialize in Mountain Dining and that includes Mountain Dining in style. From their classic appetizers to their famous steaks, you will not go wrong with Mountaineer at all. You can enjoy their famous Seafood Bisque, their all-you-can-eat ribs, and their Big Red Donuts as a way to enjoy Mountain Dining.

If you are looking for an affordable and reasonably priced meal, then try something from Mountaineer Diner. For just $5.00 you can enjoy their specialty of spaghetti, cannoli, seafood bisque, and many other delicious pasta dishes. You can also enjoy their steak platters and the best part is that they are all meat and there is no animal by-product used.

Their Italian salad is one of the best Italian restaurants in West Virginia, not only is it healthy but also it has a creative twist to it. For just $5.00 you can have their everyday salad served up with their signature Italian dressing. And for those who like it hot, they offer their Italian salad as well as the grilled chicken, pastrami, and their famous spaghetti with pesto.

So, what kind of dinner platter will you choose to enjoy with the family? Mountaineer is known to make the food that you love. Whether you want to enjoy their Southern-Style Barbecue and Southwest Ribs or their vegetarian entrees, you can have it all at Mountaineer.

You can also enjoy the sports atmosphere at Mountaineer Diner in the atmosphere of being in the game. While enjoying a nice cold beer, you can kick back and enjoy their flat screen televisions and even a plasma screen television. You can enjoy the games of horseshoes and console, and even have an arcade at the place. When you stop by, you can feel like you are actually part of the game!

To have the ultimate mountain dining experience, Mountaineer Diner will delight your senses with their warm inviting atmosphere. They have a full service bar and some very nice comfortable couches to sit on. There is not an area too small for your family, or an area too large for your friends. It is all accommodating and inviting to those who are in search of Mountain Dining in style.

Mountain Dining should be considered when you plan your next trip to West Virginia. Mountaineer Casino West Virginia has been a tradition of Mountain Dining in West Virginia since 1965.

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