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Mountaineer Casino Hotel – A Jewel in the City

One of the most outstanding, opulent and exclusive in Las Vegas is the Mountaineer Casino Hotel. There is something special about this complex, that only a truly privileged few can experience. It is a part of Las Vegas; indeed, it has long been part of the history of this great city. But it is also something new, something built today and something still so much better than what you had imagined as soon as you arrived.

mountaineer casino hotel

The hotel is named after the founder of the Trolley Lines, whose business was built on the concept of “buses to town, rail to town”buses to bed & breakfast”. It has been a fixture in Vegas for over one hundred years. It became a landmark, and then a landmark of sorts as a result of its exclusive use of design and contemporary furnishings, coupled with state-of-the-art amenities.

Here you can have a taste of the wonders of Las Vegas and have different activities in different parts of the hotel. At one end of the hotel you can enjoy swimming in the Pacific Ocean while you enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace. Here you can even go horseback riding.

Another spectacular sight in the same hotel is that of the “The Hub”, where you can look at the bright lights over the Strip. From here you can enjoy many exciting activities such as sky diving or sky walking or try out the party game “poker for money”. This hotel is said to be a premier destination to watch a show. So you can even enjoy something like the Cirque du Soleil and go into the show later on.

When the sun sets, you can come back to the hotel for a night club. The club that you will visit, has been located to the west of the main building and has been turned into a superb dance floor. It has also been turned into a nightclub that offers high quality entertainment and a great night club atmosphere.

The night club offers its patrons a thrilling experience of dancing and drinking with the best of the best. It is a hot spot that is easy to get to from your hotel. The night club is called, “The VIP Suite”.

In here you can have the best of Las Vegas pleasures like you can enjoy the casino floor, the world’s best gamblers and a casino bar. This is a splendid place that you would like to return to time and again.

By opting for a stay at the Mountaineer Casino Hotel, you can say that you have lived up to the responsibilities of living in this wonderful city. You can experience the amenities that you can only have at this hotel and will find them to be worthy of your choice.

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