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Suriç Casino and Resort

mountaineer casino and resort

Suriç Casino and Resort

As the name suggests, this is a hostel or a hotel that specializes in nightlife in the popular mountain town of Suriç, Turkey. Located at the base of Mount Ercile, it is situated around the town’s Blue Mosque. It offers a wide variety of services such as room service, a 24-hour swimming pool, as well as a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Suriç has a reputation as being a mountain resort, and the hotel has some traditional features that give it a certain welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. For instance, it is home to a rock garden, which is said to have healing powers, and is used as an alcove where healing takes place.

Food is a counter service restaurant that serves local specialties, from steaks to shepherd’s pie. For those who enjoy wine tasting, Suriç Casino and Resort offers tastings for five dollars per bottle. Private parties are also possible, as it offers a private bar with bottle openers, a wine list, and champagne.

Guests can also get a taste of traditional Turkish cuisine at the restaurant. The restaurant serves traditional Turkish dishes like yogurt and beer. Guests are also able to get a taste of exotic spices from around the world. Ceviche is a popular dish at the restaurant, and an assortment of different types of seafood can be ordered.

The hotel’s range of entertainment is also extensive, as there are several bars and lounges around the restaurant’s range. While most of the rooms are large, there are also small ones and suites available.

Guests can also take a tour of the resort before they check in. You can see the different sections of the building and the surroundings. You can also learn about the history of the hotel through various tour guides, who will also explain about the more colorful parts of the building.

Suriç Mountain Resort offers its guests ample opportunities to have fun and to enjoy relaxation. These are just a few of the reasons why people love to stay at this type of hotel.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Istanbul, Suriç is a good choice, as it offers a refreshing atmosphere with friendly staff members. Suriç Casino and Resort is one of the best places to stay while on a trip to Istanbul.

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